c-mode disk's consumptionis is too big

hello everybody,i have a question:

  If I have a fas 2240 dual control, a total of 24 disk,If c-mode 8.2, each controller sub-12 disk, then

Three do root aggr, others do data aggr, including two for the parity disk, one for the

Hot spare, left six data disk,

That is,total only 12 data disk, the equivalent of a raid10,

This consumptionis is too big,Does not take into account the user experience?

Re: c-mode disk's consumptionis is too big

The following will provide you with as much usable as possible and provide the ability to survive a dual drive failure. the intent is as you need to add additional capacity via SAS or SATA these additional drives can be added to node #2

Per NetApp best Practices

Node/controller 1

node1_aggr0 = 3 drives (2 parity, 1 data)

node1_aggr0 = 16 drives (2 parity, 14 data) 

2 spare drives

Node/controller 2

node2_aggr0 = 3 drives (2 parity, 1 data)

Kent Orso
NetApp Systems Engineer
Accredited Storage Architect, Clustered ONTAP NCIE, NCDA

Re: c-mode disk's consumptionis is too big

In my opinion there is no good solution for FAS22xx series with clustered Ontap.

e.g. a configuration with 24x 3TB Disks will lost 6 Disks only for the Root-Aggregat.

In my opinion needs NetApp a new solution for this. e.g. mirrored flash inside the
controllers to provide the root volumes. I hope product management of clustere ontap
will realize that we have small environments, too.