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cDOT - List all snapmirror relationships

Hi everyone,


I cannot believe this question was not asked yet - I guess I'm really lame at searching.. Anyways..


I'm quite new to Clustered Data ONTAP.. How can I list all snapmirror relationships from Source Cluster?

I want to extend volume size, but first I would like to check if and where this volume is snapmirrored.


'snapmirror show' or 'snapmirror list-destinations' only show information about relations in which my current cluster is destinatnion


Thanks in advance and sorry for the lame question.




Re: cDOT - List all snapmirror relationships

What makes you believe you have any other relationship in the first place? Smiley Wink list-destinations is expected to show all relationships with current cluster (SVM) as source. There is nothing wrong for them to have current cluster as destination.

Re: cDOT - List all snapmirror relationships

Hi, Hope this KB article helps Thanks
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Re: cDOT - List all snapmirror relationships

aborzenkov, hariprak
thank you both. it seems I'm a lame who couldn't execute snapmirror list-destinations correctly Smiley Happy