cDOT Snapmirror Transfer failed. (Volume access error (Invalid argument))


I am using snapmirror to backup from a number of primary cDOT clusters to a secondary cDOT cluster. There are 130 mirrors completing successfully.

In one case however, the initilisation starts and the updates begin, but after approx 1 hour the initilisation fails with the error


       'Transfer failed.'. Last Transfer Error Was 'Transfer failed. (Volume access error (Invalid argument))'.



Vserver   Volume       State      Type       Size         Available Used%

abc         x1              online       RW         2.30TB    566.2GB   75%



def         a_x1           online       DP         3.50TB    3.08TB      12%


The event log only repears the same error.

Vol sizes are appropiate.

Language settings are the same.


How do I discover which is the Invalid Argument, and resolve the issue




Re: cDOT Snapmirror Transfer failed. (Volume access error (Invalid argument))

Make sure your aggregate has enough space.  If the others finished you may not have enough room in the aggregrate.  I'm not sure if you are using thin provisioning or not.