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cf config check and windows 7

Hi Netapp specialists,


i have one problem with the cf config check tool.

How i can run this an windows 7?

I get everytime the error "ssh not found" or "rsh not found"!

Which toolset i have to install that the tool works?

Any idea?


The tool is very useful in my opinion and i want to run this after every installation.


Kind rigards



Re: cf config check and windows 7


Good question, indeed!

Have a look into this thread:


Re: cf config check and windows 7

Hi, I would like to know about this too but when I click on the link it just says "Unauthorized" ???

Re: cf config check and windows 7

RSH is not part of Windows 7 and can't be copied over from an older version, (like XP's rsh)

I have not found a suitable replacement and have had to resort to using a VM of XP to do some of the scripts that use RSH.

Re: cf config check and windows 7

Did you try installing cygwin ? Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows

That should have both rsh and ssh.


Vishal Kulkarni

Re: cf config check and windows 7

Also in Windows 7 Enterprise there is Subsystem for Unix Applications, it should contain ssh/rsh client.

Re: cf config check and windows 7

Ah, OK chaps, thanks for you replies.

Re: cf config check and windows 7

Hi Stefan,

In the absence of rsh and ssh in Windows, you could have other tools - may be plink (from putty) that would work as a ssh client from Windows. cf_config_check.cgi has a '-r' options. You can specify any executable path here, and the script would use that to connect to the system and issue commands and get you the results for High Availability configuration check.



Re: cf config check and windows 7

hi @ all,

first i'd like to thank you a lot for response.

As i see there are more technicans than i that have that problem.

On the next weekend i'll install windos 7 enterprise and test the unix tools.

i'll write a feedback next week.

kind regards


Re: cf config check and windows 7

Somewhat related, but not so - see my post here on problems when trying to run PerfMon in Windows 7 (& Server 2008 R2) to view counters from the filer:

  • Radek wrote that the link within Sales Engineering Community (for NetApp & Partner SEs) & that's probably why you can't access it.
  • In turn, he provided this link, which basically suggests to use Plink instead.
  • I installed Utilities and SDK for Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications in Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 on my Windows 7 PC. I needed to add the following directory to my %PATH%, C:\Windows\SUA\bin, since it contains all of the *NIX utils such as awk, grep, and . . . RSH.
  • Although now I can run RSH, I still cannot (as of this post) get perfstat to run, nor does perfmon work in viewing the filer counters properly.

The mystery continues . . .