cleanup & base snapshot in SnapVault

IHAC just upgraded their FAS3020 to FAS2040 as the SnapVault secondary, now they found that there are some cleanup & base snapshots exist after the reboot, they want to know whether these snapshots can be deleted, and want to know why these snapshots exist? Below is the example:

Volume sv_naana004_nkg


date          name

------------  --------

Nov 20 02:01  sv_nightly.0 

Nov 20 02:00  naana030(0135106925)_sv_naana004_nkg-base.0 (busy,snapvault)

Nov 19 02:00  sv_nightly.1 

Nov 18 02:06  sv_nightly.2 

Nov 17 02:30  sv_nightly.3 

Nov 16 02:17  sv_nightly.4 

Nov 15 01:48  sv_nightly.5 

Nov 14 09:14  naana030(0101200566)_sv_naana004_nkg-base.0

Nov 14 09:13  naana030(0101200566)_sv_naana004_nkg-cleanup.0

Nov 14 01:54  sv_nightly.6 


Jeff Cai

Re: cleanup & base snapshot in SnapVault

Base snapshot name includes filer sysid, so it is quite possible that changing hardware (i.e. getting new sysid) will generate new names for base snapshots. What I am not able to find – how SV base snapshots are structured (it could be described in paper training material which I do not have right now). For SnapMirror snapshot name includes destination sysid, which corresponds to secondary for SV.

I do not know what –cleanup snapshots are.

My guess would be, those snapshots can be removed, but let’s wait for someone with more SV experience to chime in ☺

Re: cleanup & base snapshot in SnapVault

aborzenkov, you are right. changing a sysid will generate "homeless" base snapshots which need to be deleted manualy.

BTW with "snapvault status -l" you see the currently used base snapshot for your snapvault relationship.

Cheers Michael