clear the screen


I am a newbie to NetApp storage admin.

I like to know below things for now,

1) Is there any command to clear a telnet /ssh screen (cls /clear equivalent)?

2) Is there any command to disable the console messages poping up on screen while I work on console?

Thanks in advance,


Re: clear the screen

Clear the console from your session... if using putty or whatever application, clear the screen from the app...

For syslog on the console.. you can redirect with /etc/syslog.conf.  ONTAP can log remotely and also to /dev/console and /etc/messages.  Edit syslog.conf with the entry below for all informational messages to go to the /etc/messages and not the console... if you see *.info /dev/console remove that line... although some people like to leave it..but if you want to remove console display of informational and only log to messages this is the way to go... it can be hard to type when you see scrolling messages non-stop on some users systems.  Please read the ONTAP syslog documentation file before making any changes..there are many other types of messages (*.notice) and higher level errors that you might want to keep on the console.

*.info                /etc/messages