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cluster peer rpc timeout

Create cluster peer fails with RPC error timeout.    


I have 2 clusters that I need to peer ,  the peering fails with  An introductory RPC to the peer address "addr" failed to connect: RPC: Remove System Error - operation timed out.  verify the address is correct and try again. 



The firewalls between the 2 sites appear to be allowing the traffic .  and routing seems to be correct as well.   I get the same error from both sides.  




Re: cluster peer rpc timeout



Please check if the cluster peering requirements are met. Refer page 62

You can try using dedicated intercluster ports:

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Re: cluster peer rpc timeout

All of the requirements have been met.  I learned this morning that the vlan wasn't working on these nodes on e0b which is where I had the lifs homed.   Thank you for the response and I was able to get peering working now just need to get the network team to figure out the vlan issue.