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cmd line for remove FS Size Fixed


I am trying to increase a volume and having error message as the  FS SIZE FIXED is ticked.   Is there a command line option to remove this ?

Any help would be greatly recieved

Happy xmas, John

Type:FlexibleRoot Volume?-
FlexClone ?-Containing Aggregate:f4_aggr0
Used Capacity:6.15 GBSpace Guaranteevolume
% Used:3%Language:en
Total Capacity:200 GBTotal Size:200 GB
Number of Files:5.86 kMax Directory Size:17.9 MB
Max Files:6.92 m
SNAP Mirror?-SNAP Directory?/na_admin/images/check12x12white.gif
SNAP?-Resync SNAP Time:60
SVO Enable?-SVO Checksum?-
Allow SVO RMAN?-SVO Reject Errors?-
Create Unicode?/na_admin/images/check12x12white.gifConvert Unicode?-
Minimal Read Ahead?-NV Fail?-
Fractional Reserve :0Extent?-
FS Size Fixed?/na_admin/images/check12x12white.gifUpdate Access time?/na_admin/images/check12x12white.gif
I2P?/na_admin/images/check12x12white.gifIgnore Inconsistent??-


Re: cmd line for remove FS Size Fixed

I managed to work this out, from a cmd line type

vol_options vol_name_name fs_size_fixed off

Re: cmd line for remove FS Size Fixed

Cluster Mode 8.2


ClusterBackup::> vol modify -vserver vsbackup -volume M_vol_backup -filesys-size-fixed false