create 64-bit aggregate

I would like to create an aggregate for a sas disk shelf with raid group 24 and keep one disk as spare disk.

aggr create aggrname -B 64 24

is that correct?

how do i make one disk as spares?

Re: create 64-bit aggregate


How many SAS disks you have ? You don't need to create spare. Let say if you have 25 SAS disks available and you created aggr of 24 disks remaining one disk would act as spare.

and correct command to create aggr with 24 disks and 64 bit is:-

aggr create "aggr name" -B 64 -r "Raid group Size (24 in your case)" "Number of disks {24 in your case}.

Hope it will help.

Re: create 64-bit aggregate

I did this.

aggr create agg_name -B64 -t raid_dp -r 24 23

Re: create 64-bit aggregate

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