data on tape edge licence

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Dear community,


My experiance with data on tape edge is new, so i attempte to finde the lageste idea and share experiance with you,


to start i have some question :

i would like to taste the snapdrive and snap hyper-v fonctionality, but in the licence evaluation key i dont finde eny of them ?


so, how can i taste it


thank your,

Re: data on tape edge licence

  • Edge presently only runs on VMware. Always check the interoperability Matrix tool for hypervisor and other NetApp software compatibility.
  • If you mean to run edge on VMware and have SnapDrive and SnapManager for Hyper-V consuming and backing up to it, that's also a quick check in the IMT for which versions of all of the software to use. The interface isn't as intuitive as I would like. Once you get to the web page I linked, click Change next to Storage Solution and the select Data ONTAP Edge. From there you'll be able to select SnapManager for Hyper-V and other ways you're wanting to configure this and show results.

To your specific question about SnapDrive and SMHV licenses, all of our software has the ability to use a demo key. Your salesperson or reseller should be able to get you a demo license for those products also. I also vaguely recall there being some limitation to which type of SnapManager licensing model that Edge works with. I believe you have the option with our FAS controllers of purchasing licenses on the storage, or per client licenses. I can't recall off the top of my head which one edge supports, but your salesperson or reseller should be able to get you the specifics.

Re: data on tape edge licence

I donwload the data on tape edge, and i got some licence key but for the snap drive and SMHV nothing !!