deduplication restart

I've read in TR-3505 that if the filer crashes or reboots, halts and so on while deduplication is running that when the filer comes back up the deduplication process will be in the "idle" state on flexible volumes it was running on.

If the process looks like its not going to finish in "off" hours and the customer issues > sis stop <vol> command can he restart it and the process will pick up where it left off ?

thanks in advance


Re: deduplication restart

Hi Jeff, depends on the version of ONTAP.  With 7.3.1 when you run 'sis stop' we will set a fence and when you restart we will start where we left off.  For versions before 7.3.1, we will start all the way back at the beginning - but if not much time has elapsed between the 'stop' to the 'start' commands we'll quickly get back to the point we left off because the volume will not have changed much and we will run through the already-processed fingerprints quickly.

Hope that helps-