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disk replace command fails


I want to manually fail a drive, when I issue the command to replace it says disk not found, however same disk is visible in disk show. Any idea ?

netapp>disk replace start 4d.20.3 3c.10.21

disk replace: Disk 4d.20.3 not found.

netapp> disk show 4d.20.3

  DISK       OWNER                  POOL   SERIAL NUMBER  

------------ -------------          -----  -------------  

4d.20.3      netapp   (789123456)   Pool0  1AD1CDEQ00009107AB6C

Netapp release is : NetApp Release 7.3.3P3




disk replace command fails

Please post sysconfig -r ststus for both the disks and storage show disk disk_name for both the disks

disk replace command fails

Here are the details:

netapp> sysconfig -r

partner     4d.20.3     4d    20  3   SA:A   -  SAS  15000 0/0               420156/789123456

netapp> storage show  disk

4d.20.3                20    3  1AD1CDEQ00009107AB6C NETAPP   X411_S15K7 NA00

disk replace command fails


Can you plz paste output of "aggr status -r" ?

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Re: disk replace command fails

According to your `sysconfig -r` output it appears as a partner disk yet in `disk show` it appears as being owned by this filer. You could try forcing the issue with a `disk reassign` to see if that corrects the situation, provided it's only a spare of course!

Re: disk replace command fails

Minor correction to the above post.

disk show , "NETAPP" is the vendor signature for the disk, not to be confused with the hostname of filer "netapp".

This disk belongs to its partner, you need to run the disk replace command from partner filer.

Also make sure 3c.10.21 is the correct spare disk name, you can check the status by sysconfig -r on the partner node.