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disk sanitize

Is there a way to prevent a drive from automatically being add to a degraded aggragate? I have a bunch of systems that i need to securely wipe with the disk sanitize command. I cant pull them out of the aggregate and make them spares (so i can sanitize them) without them automatically getting pulled back in. I was wondering if there was an options to prevent this. Also even if i can do this, pulling the last disk out of the aggregate will result in the filer crashing. The best solution i can come up with is to zero all the drives, start fresh with a 3 disk aggregate, sanitize the spares, create a new aggregate using the spares, vol copy the root volume to the new aggregate, force the other disks out of the old aggregate, destroy the aggregate, mark those disks as spares, and then sanitize them. Very time consuming process. I would think there would be an easier way to sanitize the entire array. I would just do the basic zeroing. but security requires the dod certified wipe.


Re: disk sanitize

Unfortunately, I believe you have described the necessary procedure to completely wipe all disks. Fortunately, most of the work can be done in the first stage of sanitizing all but the three disks in the root aggregate. Creating a new aggregate and moving the root volume shouldn't take more than a few minutes, reboot and then the last three disks can be sanitized.