does not recognize 450GB FC Disks

One of our customer accidently added the 13x450GB FC Disks to existing aggregate as Raid Group "rg2". The Data OnTap does not recognize the 450GB disks and downsized as 300GB because of the current version of DataONTAP is 7.0.6. So that we suggested to upgrade to recently. But, even though upgraded to, still have no luck and ONTAP still does not recognize 450GB disks. If someone has the soultion for this, please kindly reply me and well appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: does not recognize 450GB FC Disks

I am not sure on this and recommend you call NetApp support but I think you will have to create a 2nd aggregate and copy your volumes to it.  You will then be able to delete the 'mixed disk' aggregate to release the disks.  OnTap now sees them as the correct size and you will be able to use them, without them being downsized to fit the raid groups of the existing aggregate, which is what I think happened here.



Re: does not recognize 450GB FC Disks

  Dear Bren,

   Yes. Thank you so much for your replied. I was opened a case in NetApp but there is no workaround for it. So, the only way we have to do is migrated out the data to new aggregate. Thanks.