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dvadmin login to VC / ESX problems: Error: [32]

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Hi all,


I'm trying to set up ONTAP Edge, but I'm having trouble getting dvadmin to log into vsphere or esx systems. It keeps giving me error 32: bad username or password, but I am certain I am using the correct username / password. I get the same issue whether I'm connecting to the VC or an ESX server directly. Here's the output:


[root@str9-ontap-v-admin ~]# dvadmin -s fpi-vc5 -h esx5_node4 -u administrator

Password for vSphere user administrator@fpi-vc5:

NetApp Data ONTAP-v Administration Tool RR0__1.0.1 Rrr0N_110806_0401_1424095_201108060402

Copyright (C) 1992-2011 NetApp.

All rights reserved.

Logging in administrator@fpi-vc5

Error: [32] LoginFailed: cannot login to "fpi-vc5" - bad username or password


I can login through the VC to the virtual host when I run vCLI commands, so I think the underlying VMware perl SDK is functioning correctly (assuming the pre-req is there because dvadmin leverages it). Here's a sample output:


[root@str9-ontap-v-admin ~]# esxcli --server fpi-vc5 --username administrator --vihost esx5_node4 network ip interface list                                            

Enter password:


   Name: vmk1

   MAC Address: 00:50:56:77:36:30

   Enabled: true

   Portset: DvsPortset-5

   Portgroup: N/A

   VDS Name: 3e 98 29 50 00 43 77 3b-12 18 04 1d fe c0 60 6f

   VDS Port: 163

   VDS Connection: 1384740202

   MTU: 1500

   TSO MSS: 65535

   Port ID: 33554460


Any ideas, or any ideas where I might find a log with more information? (/var/log/messages has no entries, /var/log/dvadmin/ is just an empty directory)




Re: dvadmin login to VC / ESX problems: Error: [32]

Hi Bryan,

You are using ESX 5 with dvadmin 1.0.1.

dvadmin 1.1.0 is the right version of dvadmin that should be used with ESX5.0 and is tested.

There would be compatibility issue using the combination you are using.



Re: dvadmin login to VC / ESX problems: Error: [32]

Hi Bryan,

Hana is correct that dvadmin 1.0.1 and vSphere 5 have issues and that you should move to 1.1.0.  However, you may be able to work around this issue in 1.0.1 by running this command before starting dvadmin:

In general, however, since dvadmin 1.1.0 is available and you are running vSphere 5, you should upgrade.

Re: dvadmin login to VC / ESX problems: Error: [32]

Thanks both. I hadn't realised I was using a back version; I upgraded to dvadmin-1.1.0 and all is well.