hey guys Im trying to get access to the messages to trouble shoot and issue, problem is I cant access it at all. I can see messages in 3 places

/etc/messages.5, /etc/log/messages.5 and /etc/log/messages. I can read/open the /etc/messages.5 but both /etc/log/messages.5 and /etc/log/messages

I cannot open/read/copy via cifs. I have full admin rights to all these files I've even tried using rdfile /etc/log/messages but it says the file does not exist.

please help regards.

Re: /etc/log/messages

The messages files you want to review are in /etc (/etc/messages, /etc/message.0, etc).  If you want to go back further in time you might also be able grab one out of a snapshot.

The messages files in /etc/log (/etc/log/messages) are actually symbolic links to /etc (/etc/messages), which from a client perspective over CIFS will seem broken.

Re: /etc/log/messages

It's not precisely what you want but you do get the entire log/messages file in the weekly autosupport emails.