how maxfiles is calculate ?

maxfiles define the number of inodes in a volume.

I create a 2TB volume : vol create vol_test 2TB -> the volume size is : 209715200Kb

If a understand how it works, by default, there is a inode every 32KB ; I should have, 6553600 inodes for my volume (maybe less with 5% reserve), but the maxfiles command shows : "Volume voltest: maximum number of files is currently 31876689".

There is a big difference between these number. How is calculate the inodes number for my volume ?

If I increase the number of inode with maxfiles command, how does it work : does it increase the number of inode (until 6553600) or does it calculate a inode every 16KB ?


Re: how maxfiles is calculate ?


The default limit is set to 31876689 for any volume greater than 1TB , Please see the link below for the same