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how to add second shelf to FAS2040?

I haven't done this before, but we have a FAS2040 with one shelf plugged into the controller. I have just received a 2nd shelf (DS14MK2) and I was wondering what I would have to do to get it setup with the controller and 1st shelf. Right now I have it in the rack, all disks are loaded, I have powered it on and then set the shelf ID to 2 because the other one is 1. The only thing I haven't done is daisy chain it to the other shelf. Is there anything else I need to do or can I just wait for off-hours and then plug it into shelf 1?

Re: how to add second shelf to FAS2040?

If your 2040 is an active/active configuration with MPHA cabling, you can follow the procedure outlined at the following URL:

If your 2040 is a single controller system, the process is even simpler.  All you would need to do in that case is daisy chain it to the existing shelf.

In either case, once the shelf has been added, you can verify that you can see the new drives with the command "disk show -v".  If the disk.auto_assign option is on, the drives should get automatically assigned to the controller. If disk.auto_assign is off, the "disk show -v" command should show you 14 new unowned drives.  You can assign them to the controller with the "disk assign" command.

Once the disks have been assigned to the controller, you can create a new aggregate using them or add them to existing aggregates.

Re: how to add second shelf to FAS2040?

Check out page 2 of on how to physically attach the new shelf.

Adding a shelf, when multipathed correctly, is non-disruptive. However due to the single SAS port on the FAS2040A. it can not be cabled in a multipath configuration. Therefore take care when daisy chaining the new shelf to the existing shelf, that is do not let ANY of the controllers lose its path to the existing shelf.

Also make sure your new shelf is powered on with the correct ID prior to attaching any SAS or ACP cables to it.

See the post above on the commands to run once the shelf has been connected.

Re: how to add second shelf to FAS2040?

Great. Thanks for the advice and links.

Re: how to add second shelf to FAS2040?

We only had a single controller (it does snapmirror to a COLO), but there is just the one controller at this site. I just plugged it in directly and you could see all the disks after a bit.

Thanks a lot guys.