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how to add storage to a vfiler which is a DR vfiler

how to add storage to a vfiler which is a DR vfiler

Ex : I have vfiler1 running and vfiler_dr is the DR vfiler for vfiler1.

I have added /vol/vol1 to vfiler1 and I want to add the same to the vfiler_dr so that in case of disaster it will take all the resources.

While adding I am facing the following error message :


Cannot add resources to vfiler_dr. Vfiler is part of the DR
configuration  for a remote vfiler.


Re: how to add storage to a vfiler which is a DR vfiler

Here is a link to a discussion on this from a few months ago..  and also a kb article that describes the process

To summary, you can't add volumes to a dr vfiler unless you destroy and recreate the vfiler.  The easier thing to do is just create the volume at the dr site, don't add to the vfiler, but use "vfiler dr resync" which will then see the volume exists on source and target, then it will initialize the mirror for you and add the volume to the dr vfiler.

The key thing to note is that after "vfiler dr resync", all mirrors for the vfiler will update to every 3 minutes  0-59/3 in the target snapmirror.conf file... even if entries already exist (which they do for all but one of the new mirrors) the conf file is still updated to every 3 minutes.. so I would save a copy of the snapmirror.conf file prior to dr resync, then you will be able to copy it back after to restore your schedules without having to make edits...with the exception of the entry for the new volume you are adding.