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how to backup igroup, lun maps

Hi gurus,

i just wanted to check how to backup lun maps,igroup . i wanted to do controller upgrade from  6080 to 6280 can i just run config dump  without -v . Any help would be appreciated



Re: how to backup igroup, lun maps

You do not need to backup anything., When head is replaced, all existing data, including system volume and configuration, is retained.

Re: how to backup igroup, lun maps

config dump (even with -v) won't backup the igroup and lun mappings (unless I missed it in the dump file), but as already replied they will be persistent through controller swap (assuming you are not creating a new root volume on new drives and are re-using everything on the 6080).  Send an auotsupport prior to the swap and you will have all the settings if you want to compare after and you can also document with igroup show -v and lun show -v.  When FC Target ports change after a swap, we often modify the wwpns to match what they were before (only if the port changes from 0a to 2d for need if the same port number) so that the switches and hosts don't know anything changed.