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how to delete Snapmirror relationship.

Hi all,

We migrated some volumes from source to destination. The source was decomissioned without issuing Snapmirror release("I believe so").

Currently I have this status on Destination.

Source                                       Destination                               State                    Lag                  Status    doors:SecAccounting_Dest        Unknown             8821:05:49  Pending            doors:accounting_dest                Uninitialized       -                    Idle                  doors:creative_dest                  Uninitialized       -                    Idle                         doors:hr_dest                             Uninitialized            -                  Idle                         doors:it_dest                                  Uninitialized       -                    Idle             doors:marketing_dest                 Uninitialized            -               Idle    doors:merchandising_dest        Uninitialized       9019:02:26       Idle                doors:shared_dest                    Uninitialized            -                    Idle  doors:suppy_managers_dest  Uninitialized            -                    Idle

I have cleared \etc\snapmirror.conf, there are no entries in the file anymore.

Still I the above entries are showing on the destination filer. Can anyone help my removing those entries??

Also, my snapmirror license has expired!!


Re: how to delete Snapmirror relationship.

Check the snap list for each of those volumes on the destination.  You'll need to delete the snapshot that was used for the SnapMirror relationship.  Once that is done, the SnapMirror entry for that relation will be removed. 

Re: how to delete Snapmirror relationship.

Hi Jeras,

There is no such snapshot present, I have verified all the volumes in question.


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Re: how to delete Snapmirror relationship.

Usuallly its the presence of snapmirro snaps that does this. Is there a snapmirror.conf file present this could be the culprit?