how to move lun into a qtree?

Hi everyone!

I want to automate the process of DR mirror and then Vault/backup using the Protection manager. But, the dataset in the protection manger require that the luns be in the qtree. I had a session on Oncommand and they said we can make it work by unflagging an option in the dfm.

But my client here want to go with moving the luns into the qtree as the best practice. So, I would like to know if there is a way  in moving these luns into a qtree (by creating a new qtree)?? I have attached a snapshot of my environment. Some are in the qtree but some are not.

  So how do I move them into a newly created qtree in the same volume? Is it necessary to take the luns offline?   DOT 8.0.1 is used

Re: how to move lun into a qtree?

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