iSCSi Volumes and Devices

Hey Everyone,

I have just started working with NetApp Data Ontap Simulator v8 to gain some new skillsets. So far I have managed to figure out most things, but recently I was going through the steps of creating a new iSCSI Initiator. All went well, but I do not see any "Volumes and Devices" in the iSCSi Initiator on my Windows 2008 R2 Server. I do get authenticated just fine on both the Target Portal and Target. Am I missing something?



iSCSi Volumes and Devices

Create an igroup (initiator group) on the vsim with an entry for the iqn of your windows server, then map the lun to the igroup.. also check that the server is seen by the vsim with "iscsi show initiators" then check that the igroup has a login from the server with "igroup show -v"