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inode count on volume

did any see thw case where volume ran out of inodes.

-- did you increase the vol size or

   just increased the inode count, if so any perf issues.


Re: inode count on volume

Generally, i increase the inode count. Never seen issues with performance.

Re: inode count on volume

you need ot increase the inode count.

Re: inode count on volume

monitor with df -i, then increase with maxfiles... you can increase but can't decrease the inode count but I haven't seen any noticeable performance issues although it is one of the warnings

Re: inode count on volume

increrased the maxfiles couple of days back..

but want to know any seen perf issues down the lane after 5-6 months later.

Re: inode count on volume

I haven’t noticed any…but good to use performance advisor and perfstat if you want baseline performance information.

Re: inode count on volume

thanks. will keep an eye on those volumes and see how they are performing.

Re: inode count on volume

Hi Reddy,

Simple concept: Each 4K block is 1 node. lets say you have 1TB volume, the number of inodes you can have is: (1024 * 1024 *1024)/4= 268435456 inodes. The best practice is use upto 75 to 85% of nodes of  a volume. If you further need the inodes, you better increase the size of the volume and increase the inodes after the threshold is reached (85% inodes consumption).

First 1024 is GB and second  1024 is mb and third 1024 is KB - This is just a note.

I hope this is very clear to you.

thank you,


Re: inode count on volume

with Data ONTAP 8.0, you can decrease the maximum inode count as long as the new value is greater than the current inode allocation range.

Re: inode count on volume

Good point... I recently reviewed that in the release notes so any version higher than 8 can now lower the inodes which makes it a lot more flexible.