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lag hours are high in snapvault status

Hi All,

The lag hours are high for one of the volumes in snapvault status..its not getting updated automatically..we are doing update manually evryday for that volume..

  We tried to unsched tha snapvault and again had given the new schedule..still the problem persists..

    When we checked with snapvault status -l we could find this error..

Current Transfer Error: destination requested snapshot that does not exist on the source

can anyone provide me the solution on this...


Re: lag hours are high in snapvault status

Someone or something removed base snapshot. You could try “snapmirror resync” to see if any common snapshot is still available. If not, your only option is to reinitialize snapmirror from scratch.

You have to check why it happened. It could be too aggressive snap autodelete policy.

Re: lag hours are high in snapvault status

Hi, we have the same problem for a couple of snapvault relationships, what was the fix in the end? and stop and start on the snapvault or resync doesnt work.