lun boot strange


for making formation I use a bladecenter with some lame connecting to the netapp with FC lun.

so I configure boot from san in qlogic install my operating systeme, configure all sysprep

make netapp snapshot, lun clone create and  lun clone split.

I configure lun assign to individual lame in id 0.

all work great fast assign to 10 student 10 lun about 50G with greate dedup result

but some time when i restart the lame it doesn't see the boot lun anymore.I see it in qlogic bios and Ican select it but the system can't boot on it. the only solution for me was to clone the lun again and reasign it... and without any modification in the lame and qlogic the server boot again. It's why i think the problem come from lun.

I use only single path to connect the lun.

Re: lun boot strange

I forget to say that I use windows 2003 enterprise operating systeme.

Re: lun boot strange

Hi Francois,

Although I'm not exactly sure what's happening with these boot LUNs, you may want to have a look through TR-3547 (it's a little dated, but it might help).

Also you may want to re-write your original question; and replace the word "lame" with the word "blade".

Cheers, Tony

Re: lun boot strange

I haven't install the fcp host kit but I do exactly like the TR say.