lun show unmapped

I run the lun show unmapped command and show the unmapped luns and shows the below output


/vol/erpt6c/erpt6c.lun 25g (26843545600) (r/o, online)


and want to delete the unmapped lun first try offline command it shows error ( Read only permission)


dr-fas3140b*> lun offline /vol/erpt6c/erpt6c.lun
lun offline: /vol/erpt6c/erpt6c.lun : Read-only file system


try to destroy the it but face same problem


dr-fas3140b*> lun destroy /vol/erpt6c/erpt6c.lun
lun destroy: /vol/erpt6c/erpt6c.lun : Read-only file system


can any one suggest how i can delete the lun





Sunil Rawat



Re: lun show unmapped



is it a snapmirror destination?


Whats the output of vol status erpt6c?




Re: lun show unmapped

Output is :-


dr-fas3140b*> vol status erpt6c
Volume State Status Options
erpt6c online raid_dp, flex snapmirrored=on, create_ucode=on,
snapmirrored fs_size_fixed=on
Containing aggregate: 'aggr_TD_02'

Re: lun show unmapped


If its a snapmirror destination, you need to break the relation. Refer How to correctly delete a SnapMirror relationship 

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