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lun stats queue_depth_lun counter


  One of the counters returned by a "stats show lun" is "queue_depth_lun".  The description would lead me to believe it's exactly what it claims it is:  The queue depth of the LUN.  However, the data it returns doesn't make any sense.  In my case, it returns a very high number (in the hundres of millions).  My belief is that this is a raw statistic, and needs to have it's previous value subtracted from it to get it's real value.  Despite doing this, the value still doesn't make any sense.  For instance, I get these values:

(These are the actual values returned by the "stats" commandSmiley Happy

minute 1: 1593764771
minute 2:1593767935
minute 3:1593771165

minute 4:1593818855
minute 5:1593876652
minute 6:1593937485

(These are "delta" values I get when I subtract the raw value from the previous minute's raw value)

minute 1: 3176.0000
minute 2: 3164.0000
minute 3: 3230.0000
minute 4: 47690.0000
minute 5: 57797.0000
minute 6: 60833.0000

The odd thing is the first 3 data points are from when I'm running heavy I/O testing to the LUN, and the second 3 are when it's idle.  Clearly, it doesn't make sense for the queue depth to be higher when idle.

Can anyone tell me if there is another place I should be looking to get queue depth for a LUN?  If not, is this the correct counter?  If so, what am I doing wrong?

I'm running ONTAP 8.0.1P2 on a new HA pair of 6280s.


lun stats queue_depth_lun counter


You can get LUN "Queue Length" using this command :

lun stats -o -i 1 -c 1

-o = Extra stats

-i = Interval

-c = Count

Read Write Other QFull   Read  Write Average   Queue     Partner  Lun

  Ops   Ops   Ops              kB     kB   Latency   Length       Ops     kB


lun stats queue_depth_lun counter

Thanks for the reply.  That will have to do.  I wish the "stats" command returned a usable number though.