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luns and snapshots best config.

Hello everyone

i am working on a customer with a fas3210.

the environment is as follows.

3 ds4243 disk shelves 2 filled with sas disks and one with sata disks. most of the productive environment of the customer is on the fas3210.

there are many vols and each vol has its own lun. 11 exchange dbs 14 sql servers cifs and many more.

the configuration i have done concerning luns vols and snaps is the following.

vol options vol_name guarantee volume

lun set reservation lun_path disable

vol autosize vol_name -m MAX

snap autodelete vol_name commitment destroy trigger volume target_free_space 20 destroy_list lun_clone,vol_clone,cifs_share

snap autodelete vol_name on

vol options vol_name try_first volume_grow

vol options vol_name fractional reserve 0

snap reserve -V vol_name 0

snap schedule -V vol_name 0

do you find this config good for this kind of env or should i change something?

thanks a lot for your opinions!


Re: luns and snapshots best config.

This sounds like a support related question. If you have an active NetApp Support login, there are subject matter experts in the NetApp Support Community that may help answer your questions.

If this is an urgent issue please open a case with NetApp Technical Support.