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metrocluster, can't create snapshot for mirror synchronization


I have installed a FAS3240 Metrocluster with DoT 8.0.1 7-mode two days ago, and the one thing that I cannot clear out is the following error:

MC3240B> Sat Mar 26 02:51:54 CET [Sat MarC3240B: raid.mirror.resync.snapcrtfail:warning]: Aggregate aggr0: could not create mirror resynchronization snapshot mirror_resync.0326015154(MC3240B) (No space left on device)
It comes on both nodes. They are configured equally, with one 64-bit aggregate containing vol0. The aggregate contains 14 disks with a raidgroup size of 14, the mirror has taken its 14 disks, and there are still 14 disks on each pool as spares. There is no data but vol0.
The error message should be quite straight-forward, no space. But it's empty. Then I see that there is no place for snapshots :

MC3240B> aggr show_space aggr0

Aggregate 'aggr0'

    Total space    WAFL reserve    Snap reserve    Usable space       BSR NVLOG           A-SIS          Smtape

   5136132096KB     513613208KB             0KB    4622518888KB             0KB             0KB             0KB

Space allocated to volumes in the aggregate

Volume                          Allocated            Used       Guarantee

vol0                          349008156KB       6085340KB          volume

Aggregate                       Allocated            Used           Avail

Total space                   349008156KB       6085340KB    4273510132KB

Snap reserve                          0KB             0KB             0KB

WAFL reserve                  513613208KB        286900KB     513326308KB

MC3240B> aggr options aggr0

root, diskroot, nosnap=off, raidtype=raid_dp, raidsize=14,

ignore_inconsistent=off, snapmirrored=off, resyncsnaptime=60,

fs_size_fixed=off, snapshot_autodelete=on, lost_write_protect=on,


Can someone tell if this is the reason for the error? And is there a solution? I've been searching NOW up and down but apparently not well enough! Syslog translator gives me a fantastic : "there is no space on device".

Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks 


Re: metrocluster, can't create snapshot for mirror synchronization

The snap reserve on aggregate aggr0 is currently set to 0. As a result, the filer has no space allocated for the SyncMirror snapshot. Hence, we give the error of no space left on device.

The recommendation is to have the snap reserve for aggregates set to 5% in SyncMirror configuration. You can set the snap reserve by issuing the following

MC3240B> snap reserve -A aggr0 5

Re: metrocluster, can't create snapshot for mirror synchronization

Thank you sowens!

That was what I was looking for. Since I couldn't find it, I was fearing that it was only at creation time that I could add the snap reserve.

It's working fine now.

Regards, Carolina