miss snapvault start command

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After installing OSSV agent 3.0 for AIX 5.3 & windows2008, I can't find the command "snapvault start". "snapvault snap".

# ./snapvault start

Unknown command 'start'

The following commands are available; for more information

type "snapvault help <command>"

abort            destinations     help             release

restore          status           service          diag


miss snapvault start command

The "snapvault start" command is only available on the snapvault secondary system. The snapvault start command configures the secondary to replicate the OSSV path to a qtree on the secondary filer.

For example, you would issue the following from the secondary filer.

filer> snapvault start -S aix_client:/   /vol/ossv_backups/aix_root