moving volumes to a different tier in a vfiler whilst maintaining snapvault

I wanted to put a post out to get an idea on the best way to acheive this.


We have a few Vfilers with their volumes on SAS storage. These vfilers have dr vfilers on a dr storage system.

The primary volumes are snapvaulted using protection manager via vfiler0.

we want to:

1. move the volumes from SAS storage to a SATA aggregate

2. maintain and update the dr vfilers to reflect the new volumes

3. maintain the relationship with the snapvault backups from protection manager.

I have had several conversations around this topic, the first was to attach the SATA to the partner head, use vfiler migrate and migrate the vfilers to the partner and use the SATA aggregate for the new volumes. perform a vfiler dr resync to update the volume information. but there is a question mark around the snapvaults, will they be maintained or will we need to re-baseline.

The second proposal was to use data motion, I understand this can be carried out from protection manager (dfpm migrate) but have to confess not knowing much about this or how it would be acheived.

The third was to use vfiler add and add new volumes, share the volumes out and use a third party tool like secure copy or rich copy to migrate the data via a host. pretty sure this will kill snapvault and this will need to be re-baslined.

so Hence my posting to see if anyone else has been in this situation and how they tackled it.

thanks and hope for some input.

moving volumes to a different tier in a vfiler whilst maintaining snapvault

If migrating dating in between aggregates on the same filer I use "vol copy". If the migration is between different filers, I use "snapmirror". Secure Copy or Rich Copy is definitely an option, but it adds additional network traffic as the software is going to be bringing the data from the target to the machine that the software is installed on and then sending it to the target.

Is your Snapvault relationship destination a Snaplock Volume?