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multi/lacp vif that allows multiple vlans

Hello everyone,


I am trying to setup a vif that will allow my production network and my nfs network to work across the vif.  Currently it is working with the vlan 172(NFS) but not the vlan 1(production).  I am going to attach some configs to see if anyone can help and tell me where im messed up at.  I have verified the cisco side and the netapp side but for some reason only half of this is working.  One more thing i have tried is just to assign the vlan1 to the vif before adding the vlan172.  When i do this it wont talk at all.  I am kind of leaning towards something on my cisco switch but i need some more eyes to help out.






Re: multi/lacp vif that allows multiple vlans

So, I'm sure you've long since figured this out, but for posterity: the native VLAN on Cisco switches is 1, and by default tags for the native VLAN are not sentacross trunks.  In general, I'd recommend that you move your production data network onto a different VLAN.  Easier said than done, I know, but running data on the native VLAN is not recommended (for a number of reasons, some of which you've experienced).



Re: multi/lacp vif that allows multiple vlans


Yes I did eventually figure it out and forgot to post it on here.  I know that using vlan 1 isn't a good idea but can't get the client to change it, as of right now. So to get around it I did e0a and e0b in one vif (not tagged) and e0c and eod in another (tagged for the vlan), isn't ideal but a start.

Thanks for the reply though.

Jake S