need help with external relationships

IHAC with multiple external snapmirror relationships. I want to import them, but cannot seem to create a dataset and apply protection. When I try to select mirror protection, it says not enough storage for the seconday.

I do not want to provision storage, just import relationships. How can I proceed?

Also, protection manger always wants to provision 3.5 TB, even for a 100MB volume.

What is with that, and how do we work with it?

Re: need help with external relationships

Hi Stephen,

     All you will have to do to import existing Volume SnapMirror Relationship is the following.

  1. Create a dataset
  2. Apply Mirror protection policy
  3. Go to External Relationship Page and select the VSM relationships you want to import.
  4. Click on import and select the above created data which has mirror policy.

If the relationship are QSM/SV you will have to use a dataset with Backup Protection Policy and not Mirror Protection Policy.