ontap 8.0.2

I just upgraded to 8.0.2 and did some reading up on 64bit aggregates!  I wanted to migrate to 64bit, but it seems the root aggregate and volume need to remain on 32 bit.  I'm fairly new to netapp and i've always learned to keep the root aggregate in aggr0 and also continue to use aggr0 for other volumes as well.  If want to upgrade to 64 bit aggregates and volumes, it seems as though I would have to "waste" 3 disks for a 32 bit aggr0 and the root voume and create 64 bit aggregates for everythign else.  It is also annoying I can only use ndmp copy to copy informatin to the new volumes rather than do a volcopy as there is a limitaion taht prevents from copying from 32bit aggr to 64bit agg.

In any case, Does netapp have a best practice for where to where to keep the root volume, in it's own aggregate or shared with other volumes?  I am curious to know what everyone else does.   IMO, it seems like a waste of expensive disks to use only 3 for root aggr.

Re: ontap 8.0.2

Root on 64 bit is supported since 8.0.1.

ontap 8.0.2

ha! there goes my rant!