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ontap 8.3 lif cannot ping gateway

Hi all,


I have c-mode cluster with 1 node (DR filer).  It's on subnet Gateway is

I created an intercluster LIF (  to comm. with filer (production ) in another subnet. (

I can ping But I cannot ping the gateway from the intercluster LIF on the DR-filer.

I can also not ping from (prod. filer) to (dr filer)


If I connect a laptop in the same subnet and give it, I can ping both ways. Thus, ping to, and vice versa.  Just as expected. 

So routing seems correct.


BUT, if i ping from the laptop to the LIF ( of the filer,  I have no response, altough it's on the same subnet.


So it looks like 'something' is preventing the LIF on the Dr-filer to respond to the ping(?) 


I spend hours of searching the internet but I'm completly lost now. If somebody could give me only a direction to search in, it would be great!





Re: ontap 8.3 lif cannot ping gateway

Solved! Weird cabling issue... :-(