ontap upgrade


While doing ontap upgrade from 7.3.1 -8.0.1,netapp demands to do a first upgrade for 7.5.1P2 and after that to do a upgrade to 8.0.1.What was the reason for that ?

Why cant we straightaway go and upgrade 8.0.1?And also generally doing a upgrade from one level to next(i.e 7.0 -8.0)is it essential for a double upgrade? clarify me..

Note:In this scenario,we forced to do a upgrade due to some bug in 7.3.1



ontap upgrade

First, I think you mean  Second, there are a number of changes that will make the upgrade easier and any reversion back to a 7.x ( much easier incase the upgrade to 8.0.1 goes wrong.

You can easy view the bugs fixed between 7.3.1 and  on the NOW site.

Follow NetApp's advice and your upgrade will be a lot less painful.  Since this is a major version upgrade, it is important to get it right the first time.  Reverting back to the previous release is a major PITA.

Re: ontap upgrade

yeah, i mean to say 7.3.5P2