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putty keeps closing the moment I login


The moment I enter my username and password and hit return key the putty closes. I have tried logging into the filer view and disabling and enabling the SSH but in vain. This has happened many times but is fine when I try after few hours. But this happens at time when I really need to log into the putty. Any suggestion ???



Re: putty keeps closing the moment I login

ONTAP 7-Mode only allows one concurrent ssh/telnet session.  If a user closes a session without logging out, it waits the number of minutes in options autologout.telnet.timeout before it times out.  This option is for ssh and telnet.  You could change the default value of 60 to 15 for example then you would only need to wait 15 minutes to log back in...but your session would always disconnect after that time which may be annoying (but better than the alternative).

There is also a way to force an ssh/telnet session to close from the console... you will need bmc/rlm/sp (if a management card system) or hard console connection then type logout telnet which will immediately free the interactive session.

Re: putty keeps closing the moment I login

Thanks on your instant reply Scott!!

Here its 8.0.1 and yeah i checked the options autologout.telnet.timeout and it is 60. It also says " value might be overwritten in take over".. What does this mean?? And how do i change it??

Re: putty keeps closing the moment I login

When you see that message it means it is a good idea to match on both cluster nodes so that in the event of a takeover the settings match.. the takeover node overrides some settings for example. In this case if you want to set to 30 minutes, set to 30 on both nodes as a best practice.

Re: putty keeps closing the moment I login

"options autologout.telnet.timeout 30" will change it to 30 minutes