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qtree / quota issue

I see the below error on my filer for particular volume.

quota: /vol/projects12/projectname is not a qtree (/etc/quotas line 26).

And it does not show in the quota report. Due to which I am unable to get the usage details of that volume.

Can anybody help me?



Re: qtree / quota issue


how did you create this "projectname" ?

To use quotas you need Volumes or Qtrees, Qtrees you can create with

qtree create /vol/projects12/projectname

cheers Soeren

Re: qtree / quota issue

qtree "projectname" is already there. But this is not reflecting in the filer. When I try to use the command qtree create it says the file already exists.

Re: qtree / quota issue

This sounds like someone already created a "directory" and not a qtree with the name.

Just rename the directory and then it should work.


Re: qtree / quota issue

Naresh, please use the command qtree and give us the output here. I'm sure its a directory and not a qtree. Like Peter said, rename the Folder and create with qtree create /vol/path/path a qtree then your Quota should work.