"We rely on NetApp storage because ..."

Ok, all right ... I'll admit to fishing but would love to hear from NetApp users checking out the community. Do you love everything about NetApp? Did you simply inherit a datacenter full of NetApp gear? Or ... ??

Re: "We rely on NetApp storage because ..."

Hi Friea,

This is naughty question

I can mention here the odious reasons (snapshots, flexclones, snapmanager for exchange, unified storage, ...) but I think that there are 3 things more important:

  • NetApp is a technical oriented company whit a very open culture

  • NetApp try to make the difference with software, vitalization and data management

  • (most important) I have a very low TCO: 0.75 Full Time Equivalent for managing 0.5 PB (500 TB).



Re: "We rely on NetApp storage because ..."

1. Snapshots

2. Snapmirrors

3. Multi-protocol support

4. It works 99.90% of the time. 2 more 9's would be better

5. It still exists after 5 years

6. We can afford it

Re: "We rely on NetApp storage because ..."

We forget what snapshots means for your storage environment. As a NetApp user, you find this a normal feature of a storage device; you take without thinking 10 snapshots, 100 snapshots and even 200 snapshots of a volume. People who don't use NetApp never take snapshots (maybe only one for taking a backup) and when a NetApp customer talks about their snapshots use, the not netapp user thinks that you are crazy and stupid.

I was in discussion this week with 20 other colleagues (of large companies) and only the guys with a NetApp gear toke snapshots.

A long story to say that indeed snapshots is still one of the most famous features of NetApp.

Re: "We rely on NetApp storage because ..."

I would like to add one pro:

Support of NetApp is superior!

I'm working in a support company where we maintain several vendors (HP, Cisco, Brocade,..), but NetApp has, without doubt, the best hardware support.

I must also mention that there are various levels of support - read €€/$$.

If there are some nasty problems, NetApp support engineers are always ready to help.



Re: "We rely on NetApp storage because ..."

I agree completly and we need to add the NOW-site on our list for Friea.