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re: FAS2040

Hi there I am starting from scratch to install a FAS2040 is there a setup guide any where I am not finding one

also any help would be appreciated.


Re: re: FAS2040

Thanks I'll check it out

Re: re: FAS2040

so I set the IP and subnet etc but the device is still showing something else

is there a way to force the new config

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You could boot into maintenance mode (ctrl-c) during boot.  and do opt 4 on each controller    that will wipe everything, including any data. 

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Got it going, looking to do link aggregation ports so 2 ports work together 


in this case both e0a I’d like to get together 

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What you're looking for is called an ifgrps.   They actually can't cross controllers.   So you could bundle e0a and e0b on the same controller together.     During a failover the IPs that use that ifgrp would move to the partner and data would continue to be served out. 

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hey how do you save the running config is there a wr or some command for that

for nvram with netapp

Re: re: FAS2040

found this

but not sure if the commands are current

Re: re: FAS2040

are you thinking like a cisco device were you have to run something like "copy run start" to make sure it boots OK the next time?    - There's no need for this type of action on netapp.  


...or taking a backup copy just incase the root volume / aggr get corrupted?   for 7mode system, this would be a good place to start:   


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