restore snapvault to secondary filer?

Ok, I understand that you can restore a volume from a snapvaulted volume back to the primary. But is it possible to restore snapvaulted snapshots to the secondary? Here's a scenario: Say the data center where my primary was located is destroyed and I need to restore snapvaulted volume data on the secondary to the secondary (i.e. for DR. creating new volumes/qtrees to share out to servers) is this possible?

snapvault restore - is only available on the primary.

snap restore - does not seem to like the snapvault format.



Re: restore snapvault to secondary filer?

Well after playing around it appears that dat can be restored with "vol copy." Here's what I used...

1 - create a new volume.

vol create dest_vol 100g aggrX

2 - select the snapvault snap that you want to restore from.

snap list source_vol

3 - offline the destation volume before vol copy.

vol offline dest_vol

4 - copy data from snapvaulted snap to new dest_vol.

vol copy start -s snapvault_snapshot.0 source_vol dest_vol

5 - bring the dest_vol back online.

vol online dest_vol