root password via serial connection

Rebooted one of our netapps yesterday and  was checking that the seial connection worked just in case there were any issues.

I used a laptop with putty attached using the netapp serial connector cable.

I found that it would not accept the root password, if I connected via ssh it would.

Is there something i'm missing here or could the root password be different for the serial connection?

root password via serial connection

In general the root password is the same (either over Serial, Telnet, SSH etc)...

One possibility could be that there was a different keyboard layout or terminal emulation setting in putty when you connected over the serial connection.

root password via serial connection


If you are using the console (RLM or BMC) you need to use "naroot" instead of "root" as user. The password still the same as root user in normal ssh session.

I hope it's help.