running perfstat from linux management station

I am trying to run perfstat from m,y linux workstation that has paswordless ssh into the filer

the command I use is

./ -S filer_ip -h root@filer_ip –t 5 –i 3 –I > perfstat.o

but the output does not give any perfstat of the filer

any idea?

Re: running perfstat from linux management station


Well this syntax isn't going to work:

- You should use "-f" to specify the controller names or IP addresses

- "-S" requires passwordless (ie. public/private key) authentication to hosts and controllers, so the syntax "-h root@host" won't work. Also, you are using the filer_ip there.

Try something like this:

./ -S -l root -f filer_ip -t 5 -i 3 > perfstat.out

Make sure this works before adding host (and by host I mean anything that is not a filer, eg. a Linux server) data collection. If you have only one host and you don't want to set up public/private key authentication for this host, you might just as well run perfstat from that host.

Good luck!