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sis config auto with custom schedule

The man pages and TR-3958 do not mention a way to customize the dedup schedule after setting the sis config auto option for running dedup based on % of new data written to the volume. Does anyone know a workaround to customize the schedule after 20% new writes come in?

Here is the description of running sis config auto:

Creates an automated compression/deduplication schedule.
When compression/deduplication is first enabled on a flexible volume, a default
schedule is configured, running it each day of the week at midnight. If the
auto option is used, compression and deduplication are triggered when 20% new
data is written to the volume. The 20% threshold can be adjusted by using the
auto@num option, where num is a two-digit number to specify the percentage. The
manual option can be used on SnapVault destinations to prevent post-process
compression and deduplication from running.


Re: sis config auto with custom schedule

you can reschedule with the following command:

sis config -s sun-sat@23 /vol/testVol


sis config -s sat@0,6-12/6 /vol/nfs_temp_01

You can also write a custom script to kick off at a specific time every day.

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Re: sis config auto with custom schedule

sis config -s auto@20 /vol/vol_name