snaomirror resync in cascade

Filer A and Filer B (dr site)

Vols are being  sanpmirrored from filer A (/vol/vol_a) to filer B (/vol/vol_b) on aggregate 0

I want to rebuild the aggregate0 on filer B, this case I thought of creating another aggregate on filer B (same filer).

1- snapmirror on filer B , that is snapmirror –S :/vol/volB  filerB:/vol/voC

Then I want to break the snapmirror relation so the vol C will become unrestricted.

is it possible now that I can resync the relation from filer A  to Filer B , but between Vol A to VolC?

That is,

snapmirror resync filerA:/vol/volA  filerB:/vol/volC

I am not sure whether we can resync since I did not initialize this sanpmirror between A and C at the beginning.

Re: snaomirror resync in cascade

Try manually creating a common snapshot on VOL A then let it mirror thru to VOL C.  then try to resync.

Re: snaomirror resync in cascade


I do not want to try it unless I am sure that the solution.

Re: snaomirror resync in cascade

Hi - in short yes you can do this. The fact that the initilization didnt take place between vol A and vol C shouldnt be an issue.

Either way you will have to initialise the first transfers, between vol B and vol C, or I would just suggest, if possible, you create a direct relationship between vol A and vol C.

Once these are initialised and fully replicated, then you can break the relationship between vol A and vol B and rebuild your aggregate.