snap Vault backup solution

hello community,

Can a production system be restored after a disaster with only snap vault backup, 

thank you

Re: snap Vault backup solution

I dont think so.Even if it is - you would not want to do a "snapvault restore" for each and every volume.

Best is to use the DR solution - i.e Snapmirror


Re: snap Vault backup solution

Thanks for your response.

Is there any netapps bare matal recovery  solution for aix and linux servers



Re: snap Vault backup solution

There is no such tool for AIX server.From my knowledge of Baremetal how it basically create an entire image of the server but this is usually an application functionalilty.Eg.Veritas NetBackup,Backup Exec etc.

However in case of storage - the data does not reside on the server but on an external media.

So this is not possible.