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snapmirror alerting

I am looking for some basic alerting around snapmirror – Forexample when snapmirror fails etc etc.

What can be used for this? 


snapmirror alerting

DFM/Operations Manager/OnCommand(all different evolutions of the NetApp monitoring and managment system) allow for monitoring of snapmirrors, including alerting via pager or email.

Otherwise you will need to script a system to check the snapmirrors or the snapmirror log file for failures.

I know of a product called Aptare that can monitor and report as a third party solution as well, but that is the only one I know of as we use DFM.  It looked pretty in depth, but I left the company that was looking at it before a decision was made to use it.

- Scott

snapmirror alerting

Another 3rd party SaaS product that does SnapMirror (and anything else you can imagine on a NetApp - vfiler, volume latency, PAM utilization - or anything else (vmware, mysql, etc)) is LogicMonitor.

Nicely automated, but powerful and tunable.

snapmirror alerting

Great thanks. Will check this lot out.