snapmirror multiple volumes with a script?


I need to move data for a short period of time to a temp filer using snapmirror.

I have a total of 15 volumes with a total size of 1.2 TB

I can only do a couple of snapmirror sessions  at a time and I was wondering how to script them

lets say I start on thursday and need it to run the last update on saturday morning..

Any ideas appreciated.



Re: snapmirror multiple volumes with a script?

I've been toying with this for awhile, and it's a tricky piece of work.

Basically you'd need to script from a management host, and get it to query the SnapMirror status. If they are all idle, then it can start the next in the queue, if the status is transferring, then it needs to wait.

Not a simple task I'm afraid.

You could apply for an eval nearstore license to up the streams?