snapmirror - process was abort

I try to setting snapmirror from fas3140 to fas2040,

The fas3140 is source,

I set the fas2040 vol1 to be restrict,

I try to ping the hostname fas3140,and found the communication is ok!

but when I create snapmirror in fas2040,

sometimes it tell me "volume is not online"

and sometimes it tell me "process was abort"

the snapmirror is always can't start!

I don't know what process I was lost,

Is any body can help me?


snapmirror - process was abort

Is the error message that you are seeing, similar to?

volume is not online; cannot execute operation

If so, the above error occurs if a snapmirror schedule attempts to run for a volume that has not completed initialization.

On the fas3140, what is the setting for

'options snapmirror.access'

On the fas2040, are you issuing a snapmirror initialize command similar to:

'snapmirror initialize -S fas3140:source_volume fas2040:vol1'

If so, what is the error that you see on the fas3140 and fas2040 console?


- Scott